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President Barack Obama made his eight and final stop on The Late Show With David Letterman Monday night (May 5). With the president in his last year and change of his term and Letterman leaving the show, the pair joked about their post-retirement plans to stay in touch.

President Obama was charming as usual, and for much of the interview he kept taking clever jabs at Letterman. The pair kept things light and displayed the classic banter that’s made the seven previous visits must-see television. Just a few days before, Letterman had the chance to ask First Lady Michelle Obama of her plans once the Obama family leaves the White House. President Obama’s plans are a bit more, shall we say, loose at the moment.

“I was thinking you and me, we could play some dominoes together,” Obama said. “You know, go to the local Starbucks and swap stories.”

Letterman then shared an off-air comment the president made that he’s actually only taking a month off when he leaves the White House. Then Letterman quipped that he’s going to teach at Columbia Law School, which got a big chuckle from the president.

Things shifted when the pair gushed over each other at the interview’s conclusion, with President Obama praising Letterman’s show for being a reprieve from the daily struggles of working Americans. Pretty touching stuff.

Check out a video of President Barack Obama’s last visit on The Late Night Show With David Letterman. Hit the next pages for more clips.

Photo: The Late Show With David Letterman/YouTube

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