If there is one undisputed feat 50 Cent can comfortably take to his grave, it’s the fact that he successfully infused a permanent hatred for Ja Rule into people who actually owned his CDs.

The former Murder Inker made a fairly random appearance on FOX Business Network’s Money to endorse his existing partnership with “elite Millennials” credit card company Magnises, when a different type of endorsement came up in conversation.

When host Melissa Francis asked Mr. Holla Holla who he favored in the 2016 Presidential Election, never mind his 2010 conviction for gun possession will make it very difficult for him to cast a ballot, he offered up an opinion regardless.

“I like Hillary [Clinton]. I like Hillary. But, you know, it’s crazy because… I also think Jeb [Bush] is a good candidate as well, but, you know, I don’t — I’m a Democrat, so yeah, so I would vote Hillary.”

Now between Mrs. Clinton’s history-making potential and the struggle within the Republican Party, it’s a good chance that his choice aligns with several million other Americans.

Only problem is, they didn’t want to hear from Ja Rule and the slander festered with no filter.

The man born Jeffrey Atkins has several platinum albums; these guys and gals are hypocrites. Funny hypocrites, though. Peep the most funniest reactions in the gallery below.

Photos: FOX, Twitter

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