The life of a Hip-Hop vixen or Instagram may appear to be all too alluring for young ladies who see the glamor side of it all from a computer screen. But the chances of acting breaking through or even earning a living from it are typically slim to none.

Josett Latrice is close to taking her chances on being gawked at by thirstbuckets after LeBron James took time out of his busy schedule from hitting buzzer beaters to like a picture of her ass on Instagram.

Now she feels like that veterinary school might not just be for her.

Via TMZ:

The woman whose butt was on the receiving end of an Instagram “Like” from LeBron James this week says the NBA star has changed her life forever … calling the whole thing “a sign from God.”

Josett Latrice became an overnight sensation when LeBron broke his self-imposed social media ban (implemented so he can focus on the NBA playoffs) to “like” one of her pics on the @perfectbooties Instagram account.

“It makes me feel awesome,” Latrice told “TMZ Hollywood Sports” … “I LOVE the fact he liked my picture.”

Josett has been studying to be a veterinarian — but says now that she’s got Bron’s stamp of approval, she’s considering taking serious steps to focus on modeling instead.

“It’s definitely a sign from God.”


Flip through the gallery below to see if you agree that her newfound career aspirations are a sign from the Most High.

Photos: Instagram / Josett Latrice

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