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A Columbia University graduate-to-be made a bold statement–the one she’s been making for nearly a year–when she walked across the Class Day stage with the mattress she was allegedly raped on in her dorm room.

Emma Sulkowicz claims she was raped in 2012 by her friend and classmate, Paul Nungesser. After Nungesser was cleared during an investigation, Sulkowicz began to carry the mattress for her nationwide attention-getting visual arts project, “Carry That Weight.” She vowed to lug it with her everywhere until Nungesser was removed from campus

On Tuesday, May 19, she walked across the stage for the Columbia’s Class Day to give the campus one final protest.

Although Emma Sulkowicz’s actions scream of victim empowerment and courage, the accused Nungesser doesn’t think so. According to the NYDailyNews, he actually sued Columbia for allowing the school to tarnish his reputation, especially since he’s never been charged of any wrongdoing.

Rape and/or sexual misconduct is such a dicey subject, especially when there’s a lack of hard evidence. It was determined that the two had consensual sex but it was narrowed down to his word vs. her’s.

Flip through the gallery below to see Sulkowicz drag her 50-pound mattress across Columbia’s campus.

Photos: Columbia Daily Spectator

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