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Everybody who is on the outside looking in the Jay Z’s TIDAL situation (re: everyone who was not invited to sign that ledger on unveiling day) understandably has an opinion on how well things are being operated.

Joe Budden recently threw his two cents in the collection plate regarding the streaming service and spurned an opportunity to capitalize with some slander and instead, offered up a common sense critique.

“Jay made mention of [Nike co-founder] Phil Knight and [Apple co-founder] Steve Jobs,” the Slaughterhouse MC said on his podcast, I’ll Name This Podcast Later, addressing Jigga’s recent dig at YouTube and Spotify. “What he alluded to was that he faces a different type of oppression because of the color of his skin. Now while he might, I’m not certain that that’s true.”

“I think smear campaigns are business. I think the streaming business is very lucrative and beneficial today. And I think as a new person coming in, your competitors would be trying to get you the f*ck out of here. That’s one. Two, as far as Steve Jobs and we bought nine iPhones and as far as we bought all those sneakers and Phil Knight’s a fucking trillionaire – the part that he left out was the iPhone at the time was considered the best product on the market by many. Steve Jobs didn’t go to anybody and say, “Hey we’re not getting all of our money, so you should purchase this.”

On April 26, the megastar rapper made an extremely rare appearance on Twitter to address said smear campaign, much which seems to be brought about by the general public, opposed to direct competitors. However, Budden understands the reality of the situation and he just doesn’t think it’s plausible for TIDAL to automatically be title contenders before it had a chance to fight its way through the ranks.

“Nike is considered by many to be the best sneaker on the market. It just so happened that today Tidal is not considered that. But you shouldn’t be considered that in your fourth month of business. I don’t think anything is happening that, as wise as a businessman that he is, he shouldn’t have anticipated…None of this stuff should come as a shocker to him which is why it’s a bit alarming to me that so much damage control continues to be done. I think the freestyle was damage control.”

Listen to the 14th edition of Joe Budden’s podcast below.


Photo: Instagram / Joe Budden