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Iggy Azalea’s engagement is now getting blasted for copying from another rapper — this is shocking. Apparently, she has a similar rock as Nicki Minaj.

Not exactly riveting news, but still worthy of a closer look at both rings. The cuts are noticeably different (Minaj’s rock is a heart-shaped with yellow diamonds in the middle, compared to Azalea’s cushion-stone).

It’s worth nothing that Minaj’s wasn’t actually engaged to Meek Mill and from the looks of it, the proposal rumor was just a publicity stunt. Azalea’s engagement is real from what we can see, but it could also be a publicity stunt because her tour just got canceled, and it doesn’t hurt to change the direction of the media coverage.

Or, love is love, and the Aussie is really is happy with a 30-year-old dude who goes by “Swaggy P.” That’s her prerogative.

Also, Swaggy (Nick Young) designed the 10-carat $500,000 ring. Maybe he was the one inspired by Minaj’s rock, which may or may not have been influenced by the one Floyd Mayweather got for his girlfriend.

And lest we not forget that Jennifer Lopez spearheaded the celebrity obsession with colored-diamond engagement rings.

Everybody copies everybody. On to the next.

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