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Next time some says there is no such thing as “white privilege,” show them this video. Footage from a pool party in McKinney, Texas shows Black teens being handcuffed and abused by a police officer. 

Reports The Grio:

The incident reportedly took place this weekend in McKinney, Texas – where a resident was having a pool party. Allegedly, neighbors were concerned about the large group of black children who were in attendance at the event, and called the police to intervene.

Authorities arrived immediately to the predominately white neighborhood and proceeded to chase and handcuff the frightened partygoers without providing much information as to why.


We don’t know what exactly sparked the incident yet—the video’s uploader noted “A fight between a mom and a girl broke out and when the cops showed up everyone ran, including the people who didn’t do anything.”

However, in the video footage it is clearly that only the Black kids are perceived as threats. One officer even momentarily pulled his gun on a teen he said was “mouthing off.”

Notice that this teen is wearing a bikini. Yeah, real threatening.

These cops, particularly the one in this footage, have got to face some sort of reprimand for this type of abuse. Or, learn how to deal with unarmed Black kids with the same respect they showed the white kids.

CBS DFW reports that the officer seen throughout the clip has been place on administrative leave.

That’s not enough.

Photo: YouTube