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In the Army, there is a popular marching song that references “Jody,” an ambiguous figure who could be dipping in a marriage while the soldier is off defending the country.

Several reports are indicting that Chief Warrant Officer 2 Jermaine Mealy, an Army soldier stationed in Texas, experienced such as he returned back to his home in Texas and found another rooster in the hen house. Unfortunately, things ended fatally and Mealy has now been charged with murder.

Via WTOC11:

Charles Duke, considers Mealy to be one of his best friends, says that when he discovered the news of the homicide that occurred on Waverly Court and the arrest of his friend he knew what he had to do.

Duke has been close with Mealy since they were stationed at Hunter Army Airfield and then later went to Iraq together to serve in the Army. Mealy got in touch with Duke only hours after the Chief Warrent Officer turned himself in to the Hinesville Police Department.

Mealy arrived at the house on Saturday after traveling from Texarkana, Texas because his wife called and told him a burglary had occurred at the house on Friday night.

Mealy’s friend claims his only purpose in going home was to protect his wife, according to Dukes he did not know the man he encountered at his own home who was in the company of his wife.

That man has been identified as 41-year-old Nathaniel Brown of Hinesville.

Duke did not go into detail on the type of relationship Mr. and Mrs. Mealy had but he did say they have only been married for around three years.

Duke did want to reach out to Mrs. Mealy through WTOC’s interview saying, “regardless of the situation that is happening, we need to tell the truth and make sure that we are honest and we are not doing this with any other intentions but to make sure that the right story gets told.”

Flip through the gallery below to see if you can decipher the “right story” for yourself from the pictures of the crime scene.

Photo: Hinesville Police Department

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