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Throughout all her success, Katy Perry isn’t necessarily known as a culture vulture. However, Azealia Banks didn’t hesitate to chin-check her on Twitter after she made a controversial reference as she celebrated her monster hit “Dark Horse” achieving one-billion views on YouTube/VEVO.

“Guys. Wut. Dark Horse has reached 1 BILLION views?!,” the pop star exclaimed. “I seriously [love] ur balls & ur fingers for dem clicks…*heads back to the trap house*.”

Banks didn’t mind inserting herself into the conversation and expressed her disdain over the thought of Perry in the kitchen, whipping up the yayo.

“The rapper continued by asking “Why do all the white girls wanna be wiggers?? I really don’t get it,” the Broke with Expensive Taste artist questioned.

Released in late 2013, “Dark Horse” has gone on to be Perry’s biggest-selling single of her career but it didn’t come without its share of religious controversy. Christian rapper Flame not only sued Perry for copyright infringement but claimed the song evoked sentiments of witchcraft as well. On the flipside, various Muslim groups felt that the video was blasphemous and disrespectful.

Peep the “Dark Horse” video and Banks’ tweets regarding the subject on the next few pages.


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