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Now that the flowers have withered and the sympathy calls have slowed down, Chinx’s widow, Janelli Caceres-Pickens, 28, has to assume the dual-parenting role and handle business like an adult.

This means dealing with the fact that her slain rapper husband got another woman pregnant almost a year ago.

Over the weekend, Caceres helped coordinate the baby shower of Patricija Muratovic, who reportedly is well in the third trimester of her pregnancy at eight months.

“What the world thought was breaking news or drama we already knew months ago n me you n him were handling it privately n respectfully!” Caceres said on Instagram. “We had it figured out before we gained an angel n we will continue to hold it down as we gain another one #welcomebabyLiam.”

She also explained how she prepped her eldest daughters for the mature situation writing, “I teach my babies to respect, to love and to treat everyone fair until they give u a reason not to! In life we make choices some are good some are not but its life we can’t grow if we don’t go thru obstacles in life.. But I kno when God sends u a blessing like an innocent baby love him n embrace n protect him from this cruel world! Welcome baby Liam to our family!”

This scenario is easily a reality show waiting to happen but kudos to Chinx’s widow for taking the high road for her kid’s unborn brother when she obviously didn’t have to.

The 31-year-old Queens rapper, with close-ties to French Montana, was murdered in NYC on May 17, leaving behind three children with the youngest being a 4-year-old son. Police still have no leads.

Flip through the gallery below to see pictures from Muratovic’s baby shower.


Photo: Instagram/The Real Nelli

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