GOP presidential candidate doubtful Rick Perry is under fire again for sticking his foot in his mouth and not having the common decency to wipe the shoe polish from his lips.

The former Texas governor appeared on the right-wing program Newsmax in attempts to be cute and eloquently slam President Obama for his response to the Charleston church shooting. In doing so, Perry managed to downplay the victims and lessen Dylann Roof’s in one sweeping quote.

“This is the MO of this administration,” Perry told Steve Malzberg, in reference to the president’s hinting of gun reform in his address to the nation. “Anytime there is an accident like this, the president is clear: He doesn’t like for Americans to have guns, and so he uses every opportunity, this being another one, to basically go parrot that message.”

What part of Roof’s deliberate plan–and confession–should be considered an accident in this instance? The Hill noticed that Rick Perry’s campaign staff was quick to play clean-up on Twitter, claiming the politician meant to say “incident” instead of “accident.”

The former governor is clear: His attempts to get into the White House by playing the anti-Obama is causing him to blurt out things without any consideration for compassion or guile.

Watch Rick Perry say what he said in the video below.

Photo: YouTube

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