Patricia Washington, a Detroit steel mill worker where she is the only woman, hopes to make it big in the world of modeling. According to a video profile, Washington is using the power of her  50-inch booty to break out into the world of modeling and is causing quite the buzz so far.

Washington, 31, works a tough 16-hour schedule at the steel mill and has been looking for a way out. In an interview with Barcfort TV, Washington explains that working in the mill has robbed her of other experiences and now intends to make modeling her full-time focus.

“For the past years, I’ve pretty much lived my life like a caged animal,” explained Washington. “Not experiencing everything this world has to offer you. So, my ambition is to be free.”

Part of that freedom Washington speaks of is flaunting her powerful assets, which she gained by way of a Brazillian butt lift. Washington shared that she had fat removed from her stomach, back and thighs and moved to her derriere.

As noted on her Instagram page, Washington’s booming 38-28-50 measurements are what got her noticed by a Miami photographer after images of her at a club hit the photo sharing network.

Washington said that her pictures were featured in a top urban magazine in the Barcroft TV interview, which expanded her profile all the way to photographers in Hong Kong and other places.

Credit should also be given to Washington for warning young women about the dangers of surgery and being honest about her own procedures.

Check out some photos of the Detroit steel mill worker with the 50-inch booty, Patricia Washington, on the following pages.

patricia washington 50-inch booty detroit steel mill model

Photo: Instagram

Photo: Instagram

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