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Faizon Love, a Black comedic actor known best for his role as “Big Worm” in the film Friday, has made the most of his struggle career as a bit player in B-movies. A few more people are becoming aware of who Love is, but his tasteless rape jokes related to the Bill Cosby scandal might not be the best way to up one’s notoriety.

Love made headlines last year when the Cosby rape allegations surfaced last year, and he had some pointed things to say about comedian Hannibal Buress in his Twitter tirade then. Love, like Jill Scott and others, thought the media attention on the scandal was overblown despite the number of accusations that seemed to pile up weekly.

Fast forward to this month and the 2005 court documents where Cosby cops to buying drugs for women in order to have sex with them inspired another set of off-color remarks from Love.

“WHY YALL WORRIED ABOUT THAT BULLSH*T AND NOT WORRIED ABOUT WHATS GOING ON NOW,” said Love to a fan who inquired about his thoughts on Cosby.

Love then unleashed a series of angry tweets referencing the Charleston church shooter and alleged killer Dylann Roof, stating that Black people have had a passive reaction to the case. Although that’s far from the truth, Love then tweeted, “UNFORTUNATLY THE PROBLEM WITH N*GGAS… IS N*GGAS ….WHAT EVERY THESE CRACKERS GOT PLANED FOR YOU, YOU DESERVE!!! SPINELESS MONKEYS” and then added a photo of a lynched Black man.

Whatever Love’s larger point was, it got lost on the way of him offending everyone he could on the way down.

Check the following pages to see struggle actor Faizon Love’s tasteless tweets regarding Bill Cosby, Dylann Roof and George Zimmerman.

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