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Another Black man has died in police custody, this time taking place in the state of Alabama. Anthony Ware allegedly resisted arrest after Tuscaloosa police sought to detain him, leading to officers pepper spraying Ware while he was in cuffs when he later collapsed for still unknown reasons.

Ware, 35, was being looked for by a reported six police Tuscaloosa Police officers on domestic violence charges after a warrant was issued by the Tuscaloosa Sheriff’s department. According to police reports and a Tuscaloosa Police spokesperson, Ware fled into the woods after a caller tipped the force that the man was trying to evade them near an apartment complex. From there, details are continuing to develop.


Tuscaloosa Sheriff’s Office warrant database shows a warrant issued Friday for Ware on a domestic violence strangulation charge.

When TPD officers came to the area, the suspect fled into a wooded area nearby, Blankley said.

He said police caught up with the suspect in the woods and he resisted arrest. Officers sprayed the suspect with oleoresin capsicum (OC) spray and were able to handcuff him, even as he continued to resist arrest, Blankley said.

[Sgt. Brent] Blankley [of the Tuscaloosa Police Department] said the suspect collapsed as officers walked him out of the woods. He was given CPR on the scene as medical personnel responded, but Ware was pronounced dead at DCH at 10:42 p.m.

Sgt. Blankley said that the Tuscaloosa County Metro Homicide Unit is investigating the matter. The six officers who were involved in the arrest have not been arrested, and a local Fox News outlet has obtained camera footage of the arrest but will release after investigations conclude internally.

Photo: Tuscaloosa Sherrif’s Office/WVUA