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Suge Knight‘s current residency in a jail cell is not going too well for him. The notorious music exec’s new lawyer says his client may have a brain tumor, and that his toilet flushes every 20 minutes on its own. 

Yeah, that could be annoying.

Reports TMZ:

Knight’s new attorney, Tom Mesereau of Michael Jackson fame, filed new docs to get Knight into better digs at the jail, for both medical and sanity reasons.

Suge’s lawyer claims Suge is going crazy because the toilet in his cell flushes every 20 minutes — on its own — all day and all night.

To make matters even worse, the jail bed isn’t long enough to hold his 6’2″ frame.

So Suge wants a new cell that doesn’t drive him crazy and allows him to get a good night’s sleep.

Even more serious — Mesereau says Suge suffers from numbness on one entire side of his body and doctors have told him he might have a brain tumor. As such, he wants a place that has full access to a competent medical facility.

He’s currently locked up on $10 million bail.

You couldn’t make any of these shenanigans up if you tried.

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