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Every so often, it appears that Stephen A. Smith says something controversial for the sake of being controversial.

Earlier today (June 21) without warning, the heavily opinionated sports analyst backed Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley’s speech of “All Lives Matter” shortly after he apologized to African-American voters.

“Where is all the noise about #BlackLivesMatter when black folks are killing black folks?,” Smith bellowed on Twitter much to disdain of thousands of followers.

After his name began to light up like a circuit board, Smith articulated his thoughts a little better than the initial firestarting tweet.

“I didn’t hear Gov. Martin O’Malley’s interview. And I’m not debating the significance of “Black Lives Matter.” I’m a BLACK MAN! I know this.

Nor am I focusing on O’Malley’s words or context itself. That’s really not the issue to me. The issue is: as much as attention was so desperately aimed towards “Black Lives Matter,” where is all this noise when Black folks are getting killed in our communities every single day? Does it only matter when we’re getting killed OUTSIDE OF OUR COMMUNITY, by folks who look differently than us? That was my point. It IS my point. It will REMAIN my point. And I’m not changing my position one bit. Whatever context O’Malley made in saying “All Lives Matter” is his issue to deal with. The same could be said for Hillary Rodham-Clinton when she alluded to that weeks ago. But it still does not negate the point that if we’ve reached a point where a PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE is forced to apologize and engage in clarification when choosing to say “ALL LIVES MATTER” — while a few Black Folks are allowed to reign terror throughout our own community by killing one another with nary a word said about it, then the problems that truly permeate the Black Community will never be resolved. It’s the truth. Deal with it. No Black Man with a soul would dream of attacking the movement that is “Black Lives Matter.” I’m certainly not doing any such thing. I never will. Just make sure I hear #BlackLivesMatter ALL the time. Specifically, when we’re getting killed by one another.

See, the thing is, crime will hold some sort of distinction but it is the unjustified police brutality that prompted the Black Lives Matter movement; a fact O’Malley obviously overlooked regardless of intent.

Flip through the gallery to see Black Twitter (including a sharp Talib Kweli) give Steven A. Smith a piece of their collective minds. Spoiler alert: it isn’t that pretty.

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