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It’s actually surprising that Flavor Flav hasn’t held down a reality show in years because his Mr. Can’t Get Right behavior is exactly what networks cling to.

His May 2015 DUI charge is just a tragic reminder of the Public Enemy legend’s drug dependency issues. It was actually cocaine authorities tested him for in Las Vegas.

Via TMZ:

Flavor Flav’s DUI is way more alarming that anyone thought, because we’ve learned he was allegedly under the influence of cocaine … the drug that almost ruined his life.

Flav was busted back in May for speeding on a Vegas freeway. Cops saw an open Heineken bottle in the center console, and he admitted he had smoked pot “not too long ago.” The admission was necessary because the car reeked of weed.

But it got a lot worse when an EMT took his blood at the station … revealing there was cocaine in his system.

Flav lost his fortune in the ’80s after blowing more than $5 million on coke. He said he was spending $2,600 a day for 6 years straight on cocaine.

Very sad.

Maybe he can met the circus show halfway and do a celebrity rehab type deal?

This problem needs to go away, stat.

Photo: Las Vegas Police Department