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About a month ago, MempHitz was caught threatening a car wash employee on security footage, allegedly. After turning himself in on aggravated assault and robbery charges, and being released on bond, the music exec and reality star has finally spoken on the incident.

MempHitz is sticking by his story that someone stole money out of his vehicle, and he insists it wasn’t a robbery.

“Since then I’ve actually been to court, the judge, thank you judge, he let me travel to LA— had to finish this show on We TV that we just finished up. He also let me finish my Bravo show, so that’s cool,” MempHitz told Vlad TV. “It’s not over, but at the same time I’m just laying low. Try not to piss the ground off.”

He added, “I’m on my best behavior. The state is actually investigating the situation, to see what’s going on, my word against this guy’s word. All I can say is f*ck talking ’bout I robbed the car wash. I didn’t rob no God damn car wash. Somebody stole out of my car, money, maybe I handled it wrong, maybe I didn’t handle it wrong. But, the state will decide that, but until then, I’m in LA baby.”

Peep more of the interview below.

Photo: YouTube