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Run The Jewels have not only bombarded their way into Hip-Hop’s current elite, their imagery has already become a thing of legend in the group’s short tenure of lyrical chaos. The bloody zombie hands gun-pointing to the snatched herringbone necklace has gone on to symbolize rebellion and freedom against the powers that be. In turn, it has given graffiti and tag artists new inspiration to paint the town with some of that “Banana Clipper” funk.

Both Killer Mike and El-P are still blown away from the new generation their effective collaboration has spawned. While speaking with the Instagram blog at the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago, the explosive duo tried to put the movement into word.

“People are inspired by the music and symbolism,” El-P explained. “Every single day someone is doing something. From 10-year-old kids drawing us in school, to advanced artists painting or sculpting. There’s so much sh*t “Tattoos out the ass!” he exclaimed.

“The tattoo movement tripped me out the first time I started seeing it on the road,” Killer Mike says, added his retrospect. “I just figured it was drunk white guys. And then it got to number 15. I was like, this is dope! Oh sh*t this is wild!”

“It’s going fourth dimension,” Mike continued. “It’s like the comic book character, when they look over the other character’s shoulder and acknowledge the audience, like, I know you out there. This cool thing that we created, that we became, has become this living, breathing expression of art. For the artists and audience to give back to us, to inspire us, is abso-f*cking amazing.”

Adds, El-P: “It’s turned into this art project that’s bigger than me and Mike.”

The now iconic art was created by El’s friend, Nick Gazin, who also serves as a art director at Vice. Marvel recently revealed Deadpool and Howard the Duck comics drawn in the likeness of Run The Jewels. The fever is definitely contagious.

Check out some of the fan-made art in the gallery below. Also, don’t forget to follow the Run The Jewels fan page on Instagram.

Photo: Trackstar the DJ

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