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It seems like it may be a rite of passage for superhero actors to be subjected to incredibly awkward and offensive interviews.

Fantastic Four stars Michael B. Jordan (Johnny Storm/The Human Torch), Kate Mara (Sue Storm/Invisible Woman) and Jamie Bell (Ben Grimm/Thing) were recently profiled by Atlanta radio station Rock 100.5 whne things went awry.

For starters, DJ’s Steven J. Rickson (a.k.a. Southside Steve) and Jason Bailey admitted to not having seen the movie beforehand, resulting in them turning to well-worn questions and sexist appropriation towards Mara.

“From what I’ve seen you’re brother and sister,” Steve asked Jordan and Mara, referencing their “obvious” race difference. “Am I missing something?” “No,” replied Jordan.

“But you’re white and you’re black. How does that happen?” he questioned.

“They could be raised as brother and sister,” Jordan explained. “There’s a whole bunch of family dynamics that could be without the obvious adoption.”

Unsatisfied with the level of drama, took the interview even lower when he called Mara “way hot” while dismissing her real-life look in comparison to Sue Storm’s.

“Why’d you cut your hair? Your hair was beautiful,” he said.

“I’m sorry, I know you don’t like it,” Mara said awkwardly. As Steve continued to jaw jack about her locks, she leaned over to Bell and said “This is a great interview,” with a fresh splash of sarcasm.

In an effort to break up the uneasiness, Baily made things worse when he asked Mara “Is it weirding you out that he’s doing that? It’s creeping me out.”

“Which part?” Mara asked, taking the bait.

“The hair thing,” Bailey replied adding, “I’m a toe guy. Your toes are fine.”

And that was all she wrote, folks.

Watch the terrible interview below and see the station’s reactions on the next page. Fantastic Four releases this Friday, August 7.

H/T: Buzzfeed

Photo: YouTube

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