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Model Priscilla Rainey has cast a very negative spotlight on The Game in light of her accusations that the Compton rapper risked it all to grab her coochie and crack.

Of course, these are accusations Game is vehemently denying but how it did became a story in itself.

Amber Rose commented on Baller Alert’s update on the story via Instagram and offered up her two cents: “This is why rape victims and women that get sexually assaulted sit in silence. If he did it then he did it, if she’s lying God will handle that.”

Of course, Jayceon didn’t like that and he not only maintained his innocence but blasted Wiz Khalifa’s ex-wife in the process.

“Leave it up to you to defend a slut,” he responded with no sarcasm in his writing tone. “She threw her twat at me for 5 weeks straight & because I didn’t like her vagina strip eyebrows havin ass, she concocts a story & is sueing for 10 million dollars???…If I did, her thirsty ass would’ve loved it but I didn’t so the fact remains that this chick is krazy and the show, VH1 and the entire cast knows it.”

Yikes. Also, how come “cast” wasn’t spelled with a “k?”

“This b*tch ain’t getting a dime & to Amber once again…..Relax…I’m taking it easy for now,” Game concluded his rant with a winking cherry.

All accusations of sexual misconduct should be taken seriously (eh, Bill Cosby?) but Baller Alert commentators did some digging and found Rainey’s reputation is pretty unsavory. Not only has she been arrested several times over the year, she’s still promoting the reality show relentlessly on her Instagram page (is the fame more important?) while another cast member has calling her bluff in the process. And there still has not been any criminal charges brought up against the rapper. “If it ain’t about the money…” © T.I.

Check out the The Game & Amber Rose debate below and flip through the gallery below to see Rainey’s mugshots.

Photos: Instagram/Baller Alert, The Game & Amber Rose

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