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Marvel has been teasing a line of comic book covers that have been flipped to mimic classic and recent Hip-Hop album covers to pleasing results. On Tuesday, the comic giant released the entire line of reinvented comic book covers and pulled off some surprising choices to boot.

Last month, we reported that Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso promised a slate of over 50 variant covers. However, this latest release of all 27 reinvented covers has been reported by several outlets as the full line up that will all go on sale this fall.

Part of the fun of going through the covers will undoubtedly be trying to tie which Hip-Hop album cover the artists were referencing when doing their works. Some are obvious, like the remixed A Tribe Called Quest’s Midnight Marauders cover featuring The Amazing Spider-Man or more recent fare like Madvillian’s Madvilliany featuring The Mighty Thor in place of the metal-faced rapper.

Even The Based God Lil B is an influence on one of the covers, along with veteran rap groups Public Enemy and The Roots. If you’re feeling the variant covers, let us know which ones were your favorites in the comments.

Hit the following pages to see the Marvel’s take on classic Hip-Hop album covers.


Photo: Marvel Entertainment

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