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Nicki Minaj has often been charitable with her time over the course of her stellar career, and the Queens rapper showed more of the humility and love by visiting Philadelphia Children’s Hospital this week. Minaj came to the hospital at the request of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation and was the centerpiece of a lively conversation with Seacrest Studios.

The visit took place sometime last week, and Minaj was her typically personable self. Flocked by several patients and the staff of the hospital, Minaj answered a variety of questions ranging from her foray into Hip-Hop, to how she relaxes in her off time. Speaking of her first time rapping, Minaj kicked the very first bars she wrote in hopes to impress an older neighborhood girl who was also a rapper.

“Cookie’s the name, chocolate chip is the flavor / suck up my style’s like the cherry life saver,” shared Minaj, with the children laughing after her display.

Minaj also shared that when she’s not rocking the stage, she likes to lay in bed and eat fattening foods. The topic of pizza came around, and as a New Yorker, she had lots to say about the topic.

Just a hint: if you’re ever in the position to buy a slice for Nicki Minaj, make sure you top it with pineapples.

Watch Nicki Minaj at the Philadelphia Children’s Hospital in the clip below.

[h/t/ Billboard]

Photo: YouTube