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James “Ghost” St. Patrick has always viewed himself as more than just a drug dealer. He aspires to succeed as a true businessman, as a life of illegal activity usually concludes with incarceration or death.

Season 2 of Power has thematically highlighted the Ghost “happily ever after” fantasy. In this narcotic funded Utopia, he rides into the sunset with his high school sweetheart, overseeing his (now legit) businesses without a care in the world. Unfortunately for him, reality was far more sinister. The ominous title of this episode, “Ghost is Dead” represents the endgame for James St. Patrick. Ghost must die in order for James St. Patrick to live. His exit strategy needs flawless execution in order to succeed. The season finale of Power brought us the culmination of Ghost’s plan, and the repercussions of his actions will provide the foundation for a hectic season 3.

How can Ghost get out of the game alive? Here were the key components of his plan

The Drug Operation Needs To End

Joe Proctor, always angling for more business, let’s Ghost know that he should keep him on retainer if he plans to continue his business. Proctor tells Ghost that with Lobos in custody and the witch hunt for witnesses, his best bet was to eliminate all ties to “Ghost” and leave the city. Ghost is resistant to this plan, and wants to handle things his way.

The mutiny against Ghost and Tommy turned the entire crew against them. It was time to “burn down The Carter” and clean house. Early on, it seemed that the Jimenez brothers were doing the dirty work for Ghost. Drifty got bodied within the first 3 minutes of the episode, and Vladimir (The Serb) met a similar fate. The hitman left a calling card, the “La Araña” (the Spider) card at every hit. Whomever is killing off the cartel is also texting other people from the deceased member’s cell phones. The USDA’s led by Mike Sandoval, inform Lobos that his NYC operation were dropping like flies, and he might be next unless he gets protection. Lobos holds firm on not snitching (including a hilarious roast session comparing Sandoval to a Telenovela actor) and denies any deal. The misfortune eventually found Lobos, as he was stabbed in cell by an inmate receiving a cell phone and instructions from the outside, dealing the same La Araña card.

Ghost still has respect for Ruiz, even through the double crosses. He goes to Ruiz to inform him of the hits on the cartel and how they have to leave town to protect themselves and their families while this all blows over. Ghost even suggests that Lobos may be behind the murders. Ruiz agrees and proceeds to pack up and leave NYC expeditiously. This leaves Tommy, Ghost and Kanan as the last remaining prominent members of the operation.

Reclaim Truth and Solidify His Legitimate Business Ventures

Simon Stern has proprietarily schooled Ghost this season. He forced him into a partnership by becoming his landlord, and continues to keep Ghost hooked by offering an unattainable 20% over profit goal in order for him to buy Truth back. The robbery at Truth where the books and money were stolen was met with minimal anger for Stern. Since he “couldn’t prove” that Ghost met the mark because the money was stolen and Kantos failed to enter the figures into the system, Stern considered his success a non factor. Little did Simon know that Ghost had a final trump card in his hand. During Stern’s divorce proceedings with his wife Madeline, she revealed her knowledge of his off shore embezzlement and his two sets of accounting records for Truth. Instead of alerting the authorities, Madeline worked out a deal to get ownership of Truth, along with two other clubs (probably including the Miami club too) and she subsequently signed the rights over to Ghost! Simon won many battles, but it finally looks like Ghost won the war, and his club back. Kantos better update his Linkedin profile!


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