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Writer dream hampton might have upset the balance of the Black Twitter online space earlier Monday after she was critical of Deray McKesson. Earlier, McKesson agreed to meet with Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders, which prompted hampton to suggest that the prominent activist was not a true member of the #BlackLivesMatter (BLM) movement.

The exchange kicked off today with McKesson replying to a tweet from Sanders’ Twitter account agreeing to a meeting. In the brief exchange, it wasn’t suggested that the Sanders team nor McKesson was going to represent the BLM group. However, that didn’t stop hampton from making some weighty accusations that McKesson wanted no parts of the BLM and other pointed assumptions.

There was some back and forth between McKesson and hampton, with outside users blasting the Detroit author for stepping outside her lane. Hampton was also checked by other activists such as Johnetta “Netta” Elzie, who has frequently worked alongside McKesson.

There’s far too much to try and capture in words so we’ll let the tweets on the following pages tell the full story. This should serve as a lesson to those using social media to not attack a public figure without the facts unless you enjoy having your mentions in shambles.

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