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On Monday, dream hampton unveiled what many viewed as an unwarranted critique of activist Deray McKesson and his acceptance of an invitation to speak by Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders. After Black Twitter chimed in with their reaction to hampton’s initial volley of words, it appears that the longtime writer and author might have a bit of the hater gene present in her system.

Tuesday evening, activist Erika Totten, also known as @2LiveUnchained, took to Twitter to share an exchange she had with hampton regarding Monday’s events, all in a sense to get a better understanding of the intentions of the messaging around Mckesson’s upcoming meeting with Sanders. As hampton stated, it appeared she was saying Mckesson wasn’t a member of the Black Lives Matter organization which Totten had some issue with.

Totten wrote on Twitter, “I was confused. I’ve had pretty decent conversations with @dreamhampton before, she’d actually been a source of support. Figured I’d pull her coattail and send her a text and be like “Hey girl, I don’t think you have all the facts. Don’t do this.”

Totten followed up her tweet saying, “How she responded? Patriarchal and Paternalistic at best…Jealous and Envious at worst.”

An unfortunate occurrence since hampton made her criticism of Mckesson public was how Johnetta “Netta” Elzie received the exchange that Totten posted. Elzie, like Mckesson, has been one of the most visible young activists connected to the Black Lives Matter movement with both putting their lives on their line in their tireless quest for justice.

Elzie, who once spoke of meeting hampton last year and gushed over the experience, issued a few tweets regarding the matter before logging off to collect herself. She’s since returned to her account and, as expected, has plenty to say.

Check out the following pages to see the exchange between Totten and hampton.

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