2 Chainz has only made a brief mention of the $5 million defamation lawsuit against him but it looks like Christine Chisholm will do enough talking for the both of them.

The Charlotte woman rose to Internet infamy last year after the Trapavelli rapper uploaded a video of her onto YouTube which depicted her being embarrassed backstage after she pretended to know Cap 1.

A somewhat confident Chisholm recently sat down with WBTV Charlotte to explain her side of the story and also revealed she has been representing herself throughout the entire case.

“I can’t go in public,” she said. “It’s messed up my relationships. I’m not going to lie and say it hasn’t. If I’m dating a guy or something like that, and he finds out that – about what happened, then the calls stop coming in, stuff like that.”

Chisholm also claims the video got more than 80 million views and made her suicidal, although she has never displayed such behavior during the multiple times she has attempted to cause a stir on social media.

“If I could see 2 Chainz [in present day], I would just be like, ‘Where’s my money?,'” she giggled for the news camera. Attorneys for 2 Chainz have cited in a new filing that Chisholm did not take the necessary steps to properly file the lawsuit, so, good luck with that.

Watch Chisholm’s news press conference video below. The “Thot” video can be found on the next page for reference.

Photo: WBTV

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