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To say Kevin Gates is volatile is a major understatement. During a recent show, the rapper kicked a woman in the chest who made the mistake of grabbing his shorts while he was performing on stage. 

Reports TMZ:

Kevin Gates doesn’t like to be touched when he’s on stage and one female fan learned that quickly … with a boot to the chest.

Gates was performing at a club in Lakeland, FL Friday night — you can see a woman in the front row reach out and touch Gates’ shorts … that’s when he loses it. 

It’s unclear what happened to the woman after the kick but she seems to stick around.

This is where we remind you that Kevin Gates is the same rapper who posted a pic of his dead grandmother on Instagram and has no qualms about sleeping with his cousin.

Also, he’s fought girls at one of his shows before, so he’s experienced. The true irony of this situation is that Gates’ video for “‘Sposed To Be Love” made Hip-Hop Wired’s best videos of 2014 list, thanks to its anti-domestic violence imagery.

One of these days, Kevin Gates is going to step to the wrong person, and it will be caught on film.

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