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Deric “D-Dot” Angelettie doesn’t get his proper due when the greatest Hip-Hop producer discussions are going down. Recently, WatchLoud linked up with the Mad Rapper for an in depth “Be Inspired” discussion that included topics like the Hitmen cranking out hits and mentoring a young Kanye West. 

On making Bad Boy hits:

“It was like a factory. Not everybody works every machine,” he says of the Hitmen workflow. “The way way we had it set up was…Puff and I were the guys that walked up and down the assembly line. It would start at the beginning and we’d be at the end. Guys would sometimes bring their tracks, play ‘em for the artist. But the way we scheduled things the producer wasn’t always there. Because I was the A&R I was always there so I’d sit with them and go over the tracks, see which ones  fit the concept of what we’re trying to do. Worked on the hooks and choruses to make sure they fit. Then we’d get to the rhymes and we had to scrutinize the rhymes because Biggie was talking about cutting [old] women’s throats and we’d be like ‘you can’t say that’ and go through Mase’s rhymes because his were x-rated sometimes. 

Watch D-Dot talk to Jerry Barrow about Bad Boy below, and talking working with Yeezy on the flip.

Photo: WatchLOUD

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