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California rap wizard Blu is a favorite around these parts, so it was a little disturbing to say the least after we checked out the talented artist’s Twitter feed earlier this week. It appears that Blu is accusing the LAPD of stealing over $100,000 in equipment and other goods from him, and stalking he and his daughter as revealed in a series of cryptic tweets.

The tweets began on Labor Day Monday with Blu speaking about the alleged LAPD robbery. From there, the rapper and producer unveiled troubling thoughts about the police force conspiring against him and his child.

“[I]have written letters to the Mayor and filed reports w the LAPD,” tweeted Blu.

He added, “I was robbed by the LAPD 3 months ago for over $100,000 worth of valuables.”

Perhaps it was the emotion of the moment or just Blu collecting his thoughts, but the tweets get darker and more confusing from this point on with some appearing out of order.

Many of Blu’s fans and past collaborators chimed in on the tweets in a show of support. However, Blu was entirely lucid and pointed in his voiced disdain against the police, and vowed to keep his fans and others updated on the matter.

Special shout out to the jerk who actually asked Blu to put his classic album with producer Exile, Below The Heavens, on Tidal in the middle of the homie pouring his heart out. The man’s going through what looks to be a potentially sour situation and fans want to press music at this time? Wow.

For now, let’s all hope that the brother Blu is safe out here.

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