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Stephen A. Smith’s bull-headed opinions are both his Samsonite strength and his Kryptonite and while recently discussing Floyd Mayweather’s extended invitation to NFL coach Jenn Welter, he almost went off the rails talking about the same subject that landed him in hot water a little more than a year ago.

Via Crooks & Liars:

During a segment on ESPN’s First Take earlier this week, Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith discussed Floyd Mayweather after he offered ring side seats to the Berto fight to Jenn Welter, the first female NFL coach.

Jen Welter didn’t accept boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s invitation to sit ringside at his match this weekend just to be a cheerleader, and she isn’t flying to Las Vegas ignorant of the boxer’s alleged history of domestic violence.

Welter, who recently completed her stint as the first female NFL assistant coach, told USA TODAY Sports she is hoping that Mayweather’s invitation to her means he wants to talk to a strong woman and a sign he might want to change.

Stephen A. Smith spent a lot of time interviewing Mayweather before the Pacquiao fight and discussed his domestic abuse problems with the boxer so when it came time to discuss the ramifications of Welter’s meeting with Floyd, he brought out his same tired trope that got him suspended by ESPN when he blamed women for getting their lights knocked out by men. He once again used a false equivalency argument that women shouldn’t put their hands on men either, just like men shouldn’t lay hands on women to avoid domestic abuse. I kid you not.

Smith; I don’t see him opening his heart up, but I don’t believe that your heart has to be opened up for you to realize, you shouldn’t be putting your hands on a woman, if you are a man. And by the way, if you’re a woman, you shouldn’t be putting your hands on a man. It’s just that simple.

Smith was suspended last summer after he alluded to the notion that women shouldn’t put themselves into situations to be beaten.

Watch his latest commentary via the video below. Apparently, not much has changed.

Photo: ESPN