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Swizz Beatz Discusses Being In The Lab With Nicki Minaj, Mary J. Blige & Alicia Keys

Super producer and Alicia Keys fiancé Swizz Beatz recently sat down to discuss his collaboration with Mary J. Blige for the track “It’s You”.

In an interview with, Swizz explains that the track, which is scheduled to appear on Mary’s upcoming album, will feature a softer side of the veteran producer that many aren’t used to seeing.

“The joint I got with Mary [J. Blige] is called “It’s You”,” Swizz said. “It’s crazy, like it’s a really dope track. The good thing is it’s not a bunch of yelling on the hook, it’s something that you can really dedicate to that special someone.”

In addition to discussing is work with MJB, Swizz also touches on collaborating with his future wifey Alicia Keys.

“When AK and I get in the both, it’s like collaborating with a musical genius,” Swizz continued. “A lot of projects we do is not planned, it just happens and the track we have with John Legend, is just stupid. Trust me it’s dope.”

As if working with two R&B greats aren’t enough, Swizz is also working with Young Money princess Nicki Minaj on her upcoming album.

“The Nicki and Swizz Beatz collabo, it’s a problem,” Swizz said. “The thing I like about Nicki is that she is a student and she is teachable, so I value her input because I know she makes sound decisions.”

Swizz also dropped the bomb that he is switching up his signature style by no longer singing on the hooks of the tracks he produces.

“I’m not trying to be on every chorus like that anymore,” Swizz revealed. “It’s fun selective choruses that I like to be on, but I need that authentic club feel to jump on it and the new stuff I’m on is a more laid back feel.”

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