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Kanye West is one of this generation’s most insightful, and maddening artists, whether it be music, fashion and maybe soon, politics. In an interview with Vanity Fair magazine, Yeezy had all those traits on full display. 

For the sake of brevity, let’s discuss his calling Ben Carson brilliant and the status of his forthcoming new album, SWISH.

As for Islamophobia sufferer of the year and potential GOP presidential candidate Carson, Yeezy thinks he’s brilliant, even though he couldn’t get him on the phone.

I think that the world can be helped through design. Because we don’t just sit up there and read the fucking [look] board. We look at it and we ask hours and hours and hours of questions, and the better people that you have in the room and the more information you have, the better opportunity you have of making a great decision and of creating a great proposal that people will connect to. I want everyone to win. When I run for president, I’d prefer not to run against someone. I would be like “I want to work with you.” As soon as I heard [Ben] Carson speak, I tried for three weeks to get on the phone with him. I was like this is the most brilliant guy. And I think all the people running right now have something that each of the others needs. But the idea of this separation and this gladiator battle takes away from the main focus that the world needs help and the world needs all the people in a position of power or influence to come together.

Carson didn’t get back to Yeezy? Then how “brilliant” is he really?

As for the new album. It may be a year out.

In terms of the soundtrack, was there a reason you chose that particular song, “Fade”?

We had a couple options and I just thought it sounded good against the people. For the 40 theaters across the globe, for the kids that all went to see it in theaters, I thought they’d be happy to hear some new music. I’ve been doing that [making a new album] too. That’s like a sonic landscape, a two-year painting. That song I played has been a year and a half in the making and it may be still a year from being complete. But it was to let people get a glimpse at the painting.

I know we’re here to talk about the fashion, but people are just a little bit interested in the album. It could be another year?

I’m not sure. I’m not worried about the years. I’m worried about the life and the body of work that I can put out while I’m breathing.

The entire interview was full of jewels like Yeezy comparing his growth in fashion to North West learning to articulate her thoughts, the exhausting extent of his design process and his hopes of somehow making the adidas Yeezy 350 Boost a sneaker staple like the Air Force 1.

Remember when rappers gave their best interviews to The Source or XXL or even

Read the full interview over at Vanity Fair.