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While Brent Grimes and the Miami Dolphins were inside Sun Life Stadium getting blasted by the Buffalo Bills 41-14, his outspoken wife, Miko Grimes was also losing outside the venue as she was being arrested for various charges.

She was booked and had her mugshot photo taken wearing her husband’s jersey.

Reports Sun Sentinel:

Miko Grimes, the audacious local radio sports talk show host and wife of Pro Bowl Miami Dolphins cornerback Brent Grimes, was arrested Sunday afternoon at Sun Life Stadium on charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

According to an arrest report, Grimes attempted to walk through an area near the southeast gate that was restricted, where police had formed for crowd control.

Officers said they gave her several loud verbal warnings to stop, but she kept going. After an officer grabbed her by her right arm, she broke away and continued, yelling obscenities at them, the report said.

When officers attempted to subdue her, putting her in a bear-hug, she resisted. Officers tried repeatedly to subdue her but Grimes, now on the ground, flailed her arms and kicked, according to the report.

After officers handcuffed her and lifted her to her feet, she suddenly jerked her head backward, head-butting an officer, the report said.

Grimes continued resisting and an officer pulled out a Taser, pointed it at her and warned her to calm down.

Grimes complied; she was not shocked with a Taser. After she was put on a golf cart to be transported for booking, she again started to resist, according to the report.

Miko Grimes is largely known for her outspoken behavior that has been present long before the dawn of social media. This year alone, she made headlines for cursing out NFL policies and being a 9/11 truther.

If VH1 ever rounds of the wives of the NFL, she will be the Jackie Christie of the show.

Photo: Miami Police Department