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Big Boi, like the rest of, had a hearty laugh after watching Key & Peele’s recent Outkast skit, which depicted a frustrated Daddy Fat Sacks being annoyed by his partner’s whimsical antics in an Atlanta coffee shop.

Yet, despite the perceived truth shown the comedic bit, the more vocal Aquemini twin is claiming it isn’t how he and Three Stacks are rocking these days even if they haven’t released an album in nearly a decade.

While speaking with HuffPost Live, the Hip-Hop legend doubled down on his co-sign for the Key & Peele Outkast skit but did let us in on some pretty cool secrets.

“The sketch was funny,” he admitted. “Actually, I sent it to ‘Dre and we laughed about it… But it’s like fantasy, it’s far from the truth. We’re definitely in close contact. We’ve been hanging out all summer without our boys doing things like going paintballing and top golf and being dads. We took our kids to go see the movie Dope and things like that.”

“So, I guess if we’re not in the public eye making music people just don’t know. We’re brothers before music. We were brothers before this and we’re going to be brothers for life,” he continued.

Although there are no (public) plans for a Outkast album, Big Boi just dropped a compilation EP with Phantogram titled Big Grams and he shed some light on Dre’s contributions to the project.

“What was really good was for me to have the chance to play him the Big Grams album and him just like, ‘Hey man, play it again,’ and you know while we were mixing, he was like, ‘I think you may need to turn this up,’ and … just giving me his input on it, as brothers. He digged the project and he’s proud of me and I appreciate it.”

Watch Big Boi’s entire HuffPost Live interview below which includes a recollection of kicking it with Lenny Kravitz. Purchase Big Grams on iTunes as well.

Photo: HuffPost Live