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Mel Gibson has a new tape with more racial slurs after a 3rd voice mail was discovered.

Mel Gibson refers to a Latino worker as a “wetback” during an argument with his ex Oksana Grigorieva.

According to the audio at, the six-minute recording hears an alleged  Gibson involved in a bitter argument with his ex and the mother of his 8 month old daughter.

As previously reported, this is not the first audio tape of Mel Gibson with racial slurs, in the first tape he refers to his wife getting “raped by a gang of N*ggers,” as well as calling his wife a dirty Slore.

In the latest audio, Gibson is also caught screaming

“You’re a f**king mentally deprived idiot. You’re a f**king using Slore…I own you.”

Is there a race Mel hasn’t covered yet? #comeonson