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Say what you will about FOX’s Empire but the show’s high ratings has helped usher in the career for many potential stars.

If you checked out last night’s episode, you likely took notice to the cocksure young Latina woman who refused to be wedged in between a group at Hakeem Lyon’s behest. The character Valentina knew exactly knew the route to her would-be label boss’ heart (through the canals of his zipper, of course) and automatically became a series wild card after just a short time on the screen.

Empire may have introduced Becky G (short for Gomez) to a broader audience but the 18-year-old (cue your Kanye West “old enough” jokes) singer hailing from Inglewood, California has been grinding on the Internet with covers and originally penned songs since she started high school.

Check out a few learning points about Becky G in the gallery below and lets hope to see more scenes (especially of the bathtub persuasion) in this season of Empire.

Photos: FOX, WENN

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