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Father George Passias, a well-known Greek Orthodox priest in New York’s Washington Heights neighborhood, was doing a little more than blessing his flock. Passias, a married man, recorded sex tapes with his also-married school principal, including a kinky bit of “cake porn” thrown into the mix.

The New York Post reported on Passias’ downfall in its most recent stage after officials at the St. Spyridon Church confirmed that the 67-year-old leader resigned. Passias and 45-year-old volunteer school principal Ethel Bouzalas have been under question for the past two years ever since the Post broke a story on the pair’s seemingly shady dealings and rumors they were more than employer and employee.

The paper also goes into great detail about the leaked sex tape videos, which were given to the Post by anonymously. Bouzalas’ husband brought the news of the affair to Bishop Andonios Paropoulos, the chancellor of the Greek Orthodox church in the United States.

From the Post:

In one scene, the bearded cleric, wearing only a white T-shirt, watches his long-haired brunette lover plant her thong-clad bottom on a piece of banana bread wrapped in cellophane.

Father George Passias watches as Ethel Bouzalas crushes a baked good as part of a fetish act.

Bouzalas, wearing stiletto heels, oddly wiggles on the loaf until it is flattened — apparently a fetish known as “cake crush” or “cake sitting.”

In another video clip, the pretty Peruvian rubs her feet on the priest’s face as they lie under a mirrored ceiling and she records his ecstasy at the encounter. In another tape, the priest performs oral sex on his lover while she is still clad in sheer pantyhose.

The videos and photos of the pair were provided anonymously to The Post last week with a letter saying they were downloaded off a computer in Passias’ church office. The sender wrote that a private investigator had been hired to tail the couple to their rendezvous in motels in New Jersey and upstate Cold Spring.

After confessing to the affair, Passias was suspended on Sept. 16 per church policy. He sent news of his retirement to members last week via email but sans the details of why he was ousted.

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