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All the sonic booms created by the N.W.A biopic Straight Outta Compton has given new life to nearly everyone who was around Eazy-E at the time and Mexican rap group Brownside is apparently no exception.

The unapologetic band of gangbangers signed to Ruthless Records shortly before Eazy passed away from AIDS and have wallowed in the underground ever since. That is, until now. The recently shot video for “Till the Casket Drops” has led to probes from the Los Angeles Police Department and even a semi-related arrest for what the group says was over fake firearms.

Via TMZ:

The LAPD can chill, because there’s no need to launch a criminal investigation into the video which seems to show someone lurking around a cop car with gun in hand … because the people who shot the video say the gun’s a fake.

The ’90s rap group Brownside produced an Instagram video showing someone in a car flashing a gun as an unsuspecting LAPD cop gets out of his patrol car. LAPD Chief Charlie Beck believes the guy with the gun has a prior conviction and may have committed a crime — carrying a firearm inside a vehicle.

But a member of the group — Toker — tells us his brother is the one in the video, and the gun is a plastic prop … one of many they bought earlier in the day for a music video shoot for their single, “Till the Casket Drops.”

Klever of Brownside tried to attempt to delete the incriminating video off his Instagram but the Los Angeles Times swooped it right up. Check out below and continue on to the next pages to see his reactioplanation and the video for “Till the Casket Drops.”

Photo: Instagram /Klever of Brownside

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