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Ryan Phillippmight be the last person one would expect to be a Sean Price fan, but all that got shattered today via a photo the actor posted. In an Instagram post, Phillippe showed off a wicked arm tattoo featuring the late Brooklyn rap legend and solidifying a connection few knew about.

Phillippe posted the photo three days ago, and shouting out Price’s widow, Bernadette Price in the photo. Naturally, reactions from fans went from shock to salutes. The photo seemed to originate from Mrs. Price’s private Instagram account and Phillippe reposted her photo while properly giving her credit.

In a January 2014 interview with Noisey, Sean Price mentioned he and Phillippe’s connection and the fact that the 41-year-old film and TV star was a fan.

From Noisey:

Have you ever met anybody that you were surprised was a fan of yours?

I trip out over some of it. Me and Ryan Phillippe are friends. I would not think that Ryan Phillippe would be a Sean Price fan. He knew a friend of mine and he was like “Dude! I’m a big fan! I’m going to take him out to eat!” We went out to restaurant in Manhattan called STK. We went there and we pigged out. We had like 5 dozen oysters, we ate, we cracked a shit load of jokes. He’s a real down-to-earth dude. I’m just surprised, you know?

They were filming Brookyn’s Finest in Brownsville and I met Don Cheadle. He was familiar with my music. I was bugging out. Wow! I’m just surprised by the fans I do have. “Oh, Don Cheadle? You know my shit?” Shit like that bugs me out, yo.

Salute to Ryan Phillippe and it’s forever rest in P! to Sean Price.

Photo: Instagram