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Ben Carson has a bad case of verbal diarrhea and no remedy in sight. In Carson’s latest outburst, the presidential candidate, suggested that the Holocaust could’ve been avoided with gun control.

Carson made his argument on CNN yesterday (Oct. 8): “I think the likelihood of Hitler being able to accomplish his goals would have been greatly diminished if the people had been armed,” he said. “I’m telling you that there is a reason that these dictatorial people take the guns first.”

Two things to keep in mind here: 1) Nobody cares what he thinks. 2) Nobody cares what he thinks.

It’s clear that Carson either doesn’t have a political advisor, or needs a new one. After last month’s Republican debate it looks like he cashed in on an opportunity to become more like Donald Trump. Even if he’s creeping up on Trump in the alleged polls (they have yet to poll anyone that we know), that doesn’t mean he’ll be moving into the White House.

Still, Carson isn’t a quitter. Because his run for president, like Trump, has more to do with his ego, than anything else. No one wants a president who thinks his medical experience supersedes actual political experience, and/or strategy.

Alienating groups of people, and mouthing off about the Holocaust isn’t the way to win anyone over either. There’s certainly a better way to express a difference of opinion without making yourself look like a fool. Carson has yet to master this equation.

And how about he stop talking about Hitler, the holocaust, mass shootings, police brutality, and anything else that could potentially make him look that much more dim-witted?

What Carson fails to realize is that there are Republican jews, muslims, women, Black people, and even gay people (*gasp*). He should use his camera time to push ideas that don’t sound like he scribbled them down at the last minute. Maybe say something that will actually get you votes, not doubling back to the holocaust in Germany (and German-occupied areas), more than 70 years ago. Does he honestly think holocaust survivors, and their families, want to even hear his bullsh*t? We took a poll, and the overwhelming response was no.

Carson definitely isn’t thinking long term here. A presidential election is a marathon, not a sprint. Nobody wants to hear him talking for another full year. There’s no way he can even keep this scam going that long, but he’s probably trying to turn this ill-fated run into a Sarah Pailin kind of career, which could obviously put more money in his pocket.

Also, Republicans don’t seem ecstatic at the thought of Carson representing their party, Democrats care even less, and it’s hard to imagine the Electoral College voting this guy in.

But hey, some people will do anything to be heard. Even if they have nothing to say.

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