T.I. is the kind of guy who wants everyone to believe that he’s vastly intelligent outside of music, though we have no proof of this — with the exception of an unabashed addiction to his pocket thesaurus. Unfortunately, Tip wasn’t studying his “Word of the Day” booklet when he sat down for an interview with DJ Whoo Kidd, and proceeded to make some pretty ignorant statements.

The foreman of Grand Hustle weighed in on the 2016 election with non-scientific proof as to why a woman can’t be president of  the “Free World.” It’s important to note that as a convicted felon, T.I.’s probably can’t even vote, but if he could, he definitely wouldn’t be supporting Hillary Clinton — a woman who has the nerve to believe that she could actually be commander in chief.

After Twitter dragged Tip for his comments, and he countered with an obligatory apology, we decided to do some research to see if he was actually right. Sure women have given birth to every male president that ever lived (a woman gave birth to T.I. as well), but that doesn’t mean a woman can actually run a country.

With so much emotion pumping through a woman’s veins at any given moment, and her inability to make nothing but rash decisions (typically through tears, because all women do is cry) how on earth could she lead a nation?

Hip-Hop Wired set out to answer this burning question, and what we found was mind-boggling. Oddly enough, there are several woman who held presidential office in countries all over the world.

Meanwhile, T.I. is the same person who caped harder for Iggy Azalea than his own wife, so we shouldn’t expect much from him in the area of good decision-making. Be that as it may, Tip is also father to two daughters, and an obvious ladies man because he has five biological children with three different women. With so much estrogen circling around him, it’s important for his daughters to know that regardless of the sexist limitations laid out by their own father, they have career options outside of the entertainment industry. Furthermore, women are not emotional and unintelligent objects looking for male guidance, as T.I. would have you believe. And for his youngest daughter, who has yet to choose a career path, she can be whatever she wants — maybe even president.

Hit the flip for 12 women presidents T.I. didn’t know existed.

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