Flavor Flav’s much ballyhooed yet struggle-laden January 2014 speeding case is finally coming to a cease. The 54-year-old Public Enemy legend got popped driving 79 mph while possessing marijuana as he raced to his mother’s funeral. He also had sixteen driving suspensions at the time of the citation in question.

After a year and a half in and out of court, Flav, whose real name is William Drayton Jr., struck a plea deal with prosecutors, yesterday, October 13 that will allow him to dodge the proposed four years of jail time.

The NYDailyNews reports that the veteran rapper and pioneering reality TV show star was more than appreciative of his ability to escape the bing and thanked the judge for “being compassionate.”

“I just want to thank that lieutenant over at the state trooper police station in Valley Stream for getting me to my mother’s grave site in his own personal family car,” Flavor Flav said, according to Newsday. “He was the greatest.”

Although the latest court ruling sounds like a happy ending for a beloved personality in American culture, Flav still has a cocaine DUI stemming from May 2015 to contend with.

Photo: WENN

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