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“I can’t vote for the leader of the free world to be a woman.”

Those were the words spoken from Clifford “T.I. a.k.a. Tip” Harris earlier this week when DJ Whoo Kid asked him about a woman president (re: Hillary Clinton) being elected in 2016.

Naturally, the backlash was swift and slanderous and even the star rapper’s wife had a hard time defending his commentary.

Reps for T.I. sent out a video response with the Atlanta native speaking from the heart after he was forced to eat crow and clarifiy the nature of his statements.

After apologizing to all the female members of his family, he addressed the pundits and peanut gallery with a heartfelt message: “I never intended to be taken as though I felt women couldn’t be leaders…I know better than that…I was on a platform; DJ Whoo Kid where we say a lot of outrageous things, talk about a lot of taboo topics, have a lot of barbershop talk, say some things that are borderline inappropiate; borderline offensive, for more laughs and shock value. However, this time I reached for a joke that was in very poor taste, using a stereotype associate to women that I should have not done.”

Watch Tip’s PSA in the video above where he even makes mention of his ongoing Black Twitter #TipTalk running gag and fired back at Oprah.

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