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After several delays, motions, filings and false starts (eight years worth to be exact), the “Big Pimpin” lawsuit has reached a ruling. Thankfully for those who tend to side with the artists, defendants Jay Z and Timbaland have emerged victorious.

According to the Associated Press, U.S. District Judge Christina A. Snyder ruled in favor of the Hip-Hop behemoths today (October 21) stating that Osama Ahmed Fahmy, the alleged heir of “Khosara Khosara” artist Baligh Hamdi, did not have the right to pursue a copyright infringement claim and tossed the case like a perfect Andy Dalton spiral.

Fahmy had previously attempted to stall out the rappers by claiming to be sick and use a six-year-old deposition in his stead, but the case proceeded as scheduled and didn’t even make it to a jury.

Both Jay Z and Timbaland had argued that they legally cleared the sample through the record label, EMI Arabia.

Despite the ruling in the “Big Pimpin” lawsuit, attorney Pete Ross blasted Judge Snyder’s decision, calling it “completely wrong,” most likely with his fist shaking in the air as he sped away down the street.

Ross also revealed he plans to appeal the case.

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