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NBA star James Harden is looking to have a great season with a shiny new sneaker contract and despite getting curved by Khloe Kardashian. However, Lil B has decided to reinstate the Basedgod Curse on the Beard

Reports TMZ:

More bad news for James Harden … he’s back in the crosshairs of one of the most terrifying forces in the universe … the feared “Lil B curse” … and this time, it’s even worse than before!!

You might remember … Lil B hit Harden with his dreaded curse last season after accusing James of stealing his signature cooking dance and not crediting him for it.

So, you can imagine how PISSED the Based God was today when he was scrolling through Instagram and saw James posed a pic of himself doing the cooking dance again with no credit to Lil B!!!

To make matters worse, Harden added the caption, “7 days until the cook is back to work!”

Re-enter Lil B … who tells us, “The Curse is officially back active.”

Just hashtag Lil B, send him some adidas and keep it moving, James.

Considering how Twitter is cooking Harden after Khloe chose to get back with Lamar, he needs to minimize his distractions.

Photo: AP