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In news that should surprise no one, Lamar Odom was allegedly snorting coke while he was on a bender in a Nevada brothel that put him in a coma. It was the hookers in the spot that dimed Odom out. 

Reports TMZ:

TMZ Sports has obtained the search warrant police obtained to take blood from Odom at the Nevada hospital where he was receiving treatment.

According to the detective who signed the affidavit for the warrant, he interviewed the prostitutes who were with Lamar, who told him, “He possibly ingested cocaine in the bathroom adjoining in the bedroom.” The detective said, “They indicated that they heard him snorting.” 

Police also interviewed Odom’s personal assistant at the hospital, who said he knew Lamar and other celebrities did drugs. The assistant added he had actually witnessed Odom under the influence of narcotics.

As for the pills, investigators say witnesses saw Odom taking an “unknown substance in the form of an unidentified pill, which he obtained from his pocket in a plastic bag that was unmarked.”

Reportedly the unidentified pills were of the sexual enhancement variety, because it was a brothel.

Despite the struggle, Lamar and Khloe called their divorce off.

However, Odom may get prosecuted since doing coke is kind of illegal and all.