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Bobby Shmurda is still stuck in jail, and his trial has been pushed back like an album release date to 2016. The Brooklyn rapper recently called in to Hot 97 to clear up some rumors, specifically about why he hasn’t been able to post bail. 

Shmurda was on the line with his mom when he checked in with Ebro In The Morning. According to Shmurda, he has even more than the 10% of the $2M bail to bond out, but the court wants a full $2m in collateral.

“I don’t have 10% of my bail. I got the whole full security,” explained Bobby. They want 100 percent. They don’t want 25 percent. They don’t want 40 percent. They don’t want 50. They want the whole $2 million.”

Shmurda’s mom has been in contact with Epic Records, who told her they just aren’t willing to put up the collateral. This is in line with LA Reid’s take on the matter.

Ebro asked Bobby to speak to his fans about his current predicament.

“This sh*t ain’t sweet. For all the kids out there, my music is not for nobody to go react or something,” he said. “It’s something that I’ve been through. This is where I come from. A lot of people don’t come from where I come from, and a lot do. But people that do come from where I come from, it don’t make it right —the things I talk about—to go outside and do it. It’s okay to be out there in the club…and we dancing, and we having fun, but that’s about it. Don’t take it farther than the club, ya know. Right now, these people in New York, they not playing with us right now. Young Black kids, young kids, period.”

He added, “They trying to make an example [out of me]. They trying to take eight years out my life right now.”

Listen to the interview below.

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