In a left hook very few saw coming, former world heavyweight boxing champion “Iron” Mike Tyson has publicly endorsed political firebrand Donald Trump in his presidential campaign. The announcement of the endorsement came as Tyson was a guest on HuffPostLive this past Monday.

The connection between the pair isn’t a random occurrence. Trump has advised Tyson on financial matters, and the fighter has fought in one of Trump’s facilities during the heyday of his boxing career. However, Tyson’s ringing endorsement of Trump comes at a time where the business mogul might have needed a media boost after slipping poll numbers show fellow GOP front-runner, Ben Carson gaining in strength too.

From the Huffington Post:

“He should be president of the United States,” Tyson told HuffPost Live’s Alex Miranda during a conversation about his Adult Swim show “Mike Tyson Mysteries.”

Tyson said he’s looking for a new, business-minded leader for the country after Obama’s eight years in office.

“Let’s try something new. Let’s run America like a business, where no colors matter. Whoever can do the job, gets the job,” Tyson said.

While Trump has gotten criticism for his inflammatory comments about immigrants, Tyson was quick to come to the candidate’s defense. Tyson admitted that Trump’s words were “crude,” but he said he doesn’t believe Trump actually “thinks of Latinos in that way.”

The entire conversation between Mike Tyson and Donald Trump can be viewed in the clip below.

Photo: HuffPostLive

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