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Although the big boom of Klu Klux Klan members getting their “hoods off” will be arriving in a couple of days, Anonymous has already begun to leak a few emails and phone numbers revolving around the weakened hate group.

With so many contributors working overtime to get the exposing done just right, a few politicians have reportedly been thrown into the mix, although Anonymous can’t verify the information validity just yet.

Reports International Business Times:

Anonymous, the amorphous online activist collective, last week promised to reveal the identity of 1,000 members of the KKK after coming into possession of the private information through a compromised Twitter account associated with the group.

Following the publication of email addresses and phone numbers reportedly belonging to members of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) another post on text-sharing site Pastebin is claiming to name nine politicians who are members of the KKK. The list of four senators and five city mayors is completely unverified and the official Operation KKK Twitter account has distanced itself from the listing saying: “We won’t release names without due diligence. We discourage the circulation of disinformation and will not promote an unverifiable list of politicians.” However the original tweet has since been deleted by the group.

The listing names the politicians, their spouses and the local chapter of the KKK to which they are purported to belong. The person who posted the information said they redacted the politicians’s home addresses to prevent anyone taking action directly against them.

Some official KKK Twitter accounts have reacted angrily to publication of members’ details, with one suggesting the white supremacist group carry out its own rally on Nov. 5 alongside Anonymous’ Million Mask March.

Anonymous and the KKK have been battling it out in cyberspace for almost a year, ever since the protests in Ferguson when a local chapter of the Klan weighed into the debate by warning that it would use “lethal force” against anyone protesting on the streets of Ferguson. In response, Anonymous took control of the official Twitter account of the KKK chapter and published details of some members’ identities. The group also claimed evidence of a connection between the Ferguson police and the KKK.

In its statement addressed to the members of the KKK, Anonymous didn’t pull any punch in its assessment of the group: “After closely observing so many of you for so very long, we feel confident that applying transparency to your organizational cells is the right, just, appropriate and only course of action. You are abhorrent. Criminal. You are more than extremists. You are more than a hate group. You operate much more like terrorists and you should be recognized as such.”

According to the findings, Thomas Tillis, a 55-year-old United States Senator from North Carolina; John Cornyn, a 63-year-old United States Senator from Texas; John Hardy Isaksona, a 70-year-old United States Senator from Georgia; and Dan Coats, a 72-year-old United States Senator from Indiana; and a few mayors all have various ties to the KKK.

A Oklahoma mayor recently apologized for her husband dressing up as a Klansman for Halloween, so the findings aren’t all that surprising if they are proven to be true.

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